Saturday, May 2, 2009

Which will you choose...the spark or the fire?

As a little girl....all I used to dream about was getting married and having a beautiful family of my own. I also wanted to be a Saint. Now, I wish to be an uncanonized saint.

Although I am married...I know I may never have is not in God's plan for me, and I have learned to accept it joyfully because I know He must have something better in store for me!

But let's think about those called to the Holy priesthood or religious life. If you are a parent or were a parent...what would be your reaction to your only son or daughter wanting to enter religious life? What would you say? Would your dreams of grandchildren be shattered? Maybe....but think about what God is calling him/her to do and to be!

We all understand when a girl/boy or man/woman feel the chemistry and sparks of first love or romance and wish to live the rest of their life with each other. We understand it because it is a part of our human nature to love and want to find a mate in life.

So why do we not understand when a man or woman feels the Divine Fire of God's love in their life and falls completely and totally in love with Him? God's love is pure..and lasting. His love sees us through all....

When friends, brothers, sisters, daughter, or sons marry another person, we never know how long it will last. We are unsure of their future. Sometimes people even try to predict how long their marriage will last.

So why would we be afraid of letting our loved ones marry God or the Church? Both have proven to be everlasting through good times and bad. God will never leave, never cheat, never let the fire of His love go out. We are the imperfect ones.

So please, encourage those with a holy vocation and pray for them! Do not hope that they "grow out of it" or that "it's just a phase". Pray that your daughter, your son, your grandkids should be so lucky to be called to such a high state of life! We need good holy vocations to lead to future and be prayer warriors for God!

God bless you and Happy First Saturday!

My prayers,



Crimson Wife said...

I'd be very happy if one of my kids felt called to consecrated life. Now if ALL of them decided to become priests or nuns, that might take a bit of a struggle to let go of my disappointment at no grandkids. But the Church's need for good priests and nuns is far more important than my desire to become a grandma some day.

E.E. Brierley said...

I really love this post, first your expression, 'I want to be an uncanonized saint.' That is really the highest thing we can aspire to. And also, I really appreciate that you point out, that our desire to extend the family of Christ, and the Kingdom of God, has to take precendence even over our own personal desires...

amyjoerger said...

This is so right on. I was just thinking about our wonderful priests at OLG and how difficult or easy it was for them to become priests. I cannot imagine where our parish would be without them. Now just multiply that by all of our parishes in the entire Church and that is a very scary thought. Thank you for your post, once again. I love you Sister! =)